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About Kandu Health

The transition from hospital to community settings is a critical time. Challenges for stroke survivors and care partners do not end when they leave the hospital. They require customized care and support.

Kandu Health provides stroke survivors with the guidance they need at home with a 90-day virtual recovery program.  We partner with hospitals to ensure patients have a safe transition home and a customized recovery plan. Together, we provide continuity of patient care to achieve better quality of life for stroke survivors and their care partners.

About Michael Shutt

IMG_0939After surviving three ischemic strokes in 2015, professional actor and playwright Michael Shutt did what he knew best…he told the story. Using writing as a form of occupational, physical, and cognitive therapy Michael wrote about his stroke and then turned his writing into a solo show called A Lesson In Swimming (Every Stroke Is Different). Passionate about connecting with other survivors, Michael moderates and participates in multiple weekly Stroke Survivor conversations and has been a featured guest on a variety of podcasts.

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Listen to the recording of Michael's Presentation from the 2023 ANVC Meeting.

Listen to Lauren Sheehan, Sr. Director of Clinical Services, and Michael Shutt, stroke survivor and Kandu Ambassador, discuss isolation after stroke.


Changing the Trajectory of Stroke Care

Kandu Enrollees at 90-day Graduation


Reduction of inpatient readmissions


Survivors living independently (mRS 0-2)


Success of collecting 90-day mRS

Program Results through 13 November 2023. On file at Kandu Health.

Presented Posters

Complex Needs & Dynamic Solutions

Metrics that Yield Outcomes in a Post-Acute Stroke Navigation Program

With decreasing length-of-stays and disjointed outpatient systems of care, additional support is needed to provide stroke survivors and their care partners with the education, resources, and guidance to navigate the healthcare landscape.

Beyond mRS

Supporting True Functional and Participation Change Post-Stroke

The modified Rankin Scale (mRS) is a limited assessment of function in comparison to the complexity of post-stroke sequelae. Its limitations include a need for granularity in identifying factors that contribute to improvements.

Empowering Stroke Survivors

"It was really helpful to talk with my navigator about specific actions I needed to take during my recovery. I am so grateful that Kandu guided me through this life-changing event, introduced me to other stroke survivors, and helped me focus on what was important."

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Stroke Survivor, Librarian, & Kandu Program Graduate

"Kandu allows us to continue to provide comprehensive care to patients after they leave our hospital. They are an important resource for patients when they need it most– during those first weeks and months after hospital discharge. Kandu's focus on the whole person ensure patients are set up for success."

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Patrick Topping, MBA, BSN, RN

Stroke Program Coordinator at Cooper Neurological Institute

"It was the support of the Kandu Stroke Community that impacted me the most throughout the program. Listening to other survivors and their incredible journeys and courage, and having a consistent connection and interaction with my Navigator, gave me the tools I needed to ensure ongoing progress in my recovery."

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Stroke Survivor, Guardian Ad Litem, & Kandu Program Graduate

"The access to solutions is very limited. There are no roads where we're going. We are excited about providing more care to more patients as we move forward and effectively changing this era of stroke care to one that actually considers the patient as the constant in the entire continuum."


Fred Khoshravi

CEO and Chariman, Imperative Care

"The insurance will let the doctor talk to you for the measured ten minutes, but Kandu can pick it up and take it from there. You have that extension, and I think that's exceptionally important. What would we have done without Kandu? This program surpassed even what family could do."



Care Partner, Former School Psychologist, and Kandu Participant

“Kandu is almost a protégé for how important is for a program to partner with health care agencies such as medical centers or even health care clinics. We're creating a way to help the team, helping the patient learn more about resources, helping them to reduce length of stay when possible."


Jeffrey Wertheimer, PhD, ABPP-CN

Associate Director of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Chief of Psychology & Neurosychology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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